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11月上旬的札幌 / In Sapporo at the beginning of November


In the beginning of November in Sapporo, the highest and lowest temperature during the day can be changeable. On a warm, sunny day, the highest temperature can reach around 15 degrees. However, on a chilly day in the rain, it peaks at around 10 degrees, and gives the locals a feeling of the impending winter. As for the lowest temperature during the day, it can be around 10 degrees on a warm day but only five degrees on a cold day. On the weather report, it’s the time we first see the mountain passes getting snow, and we know it’s time to change our tires from summer to winter.

純種馬道路新冠 / Thoroughbred Road Niikappu


Thoroughbred Road Niikappu (Niikappu Town) is a road station on route 235 which runs along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Niikappu is famous for the raising and training of thoroughbred race horses at its many farms. As a nod to this background, the shop at the road station sells a variety of horse-motif goods as souvenirs or home decorations. There is a 36-meter high tower, and from the observation deck at the top, visitors can see the 360 degree panoramic view. Next to the road station, there is a record (music disc)-themed museum, which is not free admission. They have 900,000 records in their collection.

町村農場Milk Garden / Machimura Farm Milk Garden

町村農場Milk Garden (位於江別市)是建造於牧場腹地內的直營販賣所。販賣工廠所生產的新鮮牛乳和乳製品。有奶油、起司、優格和冰淇淋等商品陳列在店裡。店舖的2樓有桌子和椅子,可以在這邊飲食。町村農場於1906年創業,擁有165公頃的腹地,飼養著約400頭乳牛。

Machimura Farm Milk Garden (Ebetsu City) is a shop next their factory on their farm premises. They serve delicious fresh milk, and also other dairy items. Soft ice cream, donuts, cakes, pudding, and parfaits are popular. After purchasing, customers can enjoy their food on the 2nd floor at tables and chairs. They also have gift sets of butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and such. Machimura Farm was founded in 1906, and is one of the most successful dairy farms in Hokkaido. They have about 400 head of dairy cattle grazing on 165 hectares. See their website for details, including their seasonal menus.

札幌護國神社 / Sapporo Gokoku Shrine


Sapporo Gokoku Shrine (Sapporo City Chuo-ku) was built in 1879 for the repose of the souls of domestic war victims, and of the settlers who had contributed to cultivating the land of Hokkaido. This shrine has been a place to pray for them since its establishment. At the same location, there is a second shrine, for worshipping married couples as per the ancient mythology of Japan. Therefore, this is a mecca for people seeking true love between a husband and wife, trying to find a good partner for marriage, and praying for long life with good health.

生態博物館中心知新的車站 / Eco-Museum Center Chishin-no Eki


Eco-Museum Center Chishin-no Eki (Kitahiroshima City) is a museum of natural history. Chishin-no Eki stands for a station to learn old and new history. Actually, this museum focuses on both the natural and industrial history of the city. They exhibit fossils, including mammals like dolphins, shells, geologic strata, which all of them were discovered there. Moreover, they exhibit everyday goods used in the 19th century, when 25 families came from Hiroshima Prefecture and settled in. Kitahiroshima stands for the northern Hiroshima. Some key business men who contributed to the city are also featured in the museum.

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TOUYA湖 / Touyako


Touyako (Toya Town) is a road station on route 230. From the observation platform on the south of building, visitors can admire the magnificent view of Lake Toya. In the northern direction, as farm fields are spread out with Mt. Yotei as a backdrop, it’s also a panoramic view. (Mt. Yotei is called Ezo Fuji because its shape resembles the iconic Mt. Fuji, and Ezo is the original name for Hokkaido.) From spring to autumn, the shop sells fresh vegetables and processed products. In the restaurant, dishes using scallops from Funka Bay are popular. In autumn, pumpkins for Halloween are displayed.