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Papas Land Sattsuru

PAPAS LAND SATTSURU(位於清里町)是位在JR釧網鐵路本線沿線上的道路休息站,靠近國道391號線。休息站位於知床和阿寒的中間位置,正面可以看到美麗的斜里岳。休息站內有溫泉設施可以享受當日泡湯的樂趣。這裡有正式的公園高爾夫球場,使用費和球具出租免費。餐廳的人氣菜單是使用當地產的麵粉做的烏龍麵。 

Papas Land Sattsuru (Kiyosato Town) is a road station along the JR Senmou Line, just a little way off route 391, midway between the Shiretoko and Akan districts. At the entrance, visitors can see the beautiful sight of Mt. Shari. Onsen facilities are available, although there are no accommodation options. A park-golf (not real golf, with only one club and a ball as big as one’s fist) field is close by. Visitors can use it for free and can borrow the balls and clubs for free. Udon made from the flour produced in the town is popular at the restaurant.

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