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札幌的美麗村落 / Sapporo Pirka Kotan

Pirika Kotan是阿伊努語的「札幌的美麗村落」之意(正式名稱為札幌市阿伊努族文化交流中心)。它是可以邊體驗邊學習北海道的原住民-阿伊努族的生活方式、文化、以及歷史的大型設施。室外設有復原的阿伊努族的住所。只有展示室是需費用的(成人200日圓,中學生以下免費),但是展示品的工具和樂器等多是可以體驗及觸摸的。地點靠近定山溪。

Sapporo Pirka Kotan is a large educational museum for learning about and experiencing Ainu (Hokkaido's indigenous people) lifestyle, culture, and history. Pirka Kotan means "a beautiful village in Sapporo" in Ainu language. There are a number of restored houses used by Ainu many years ago. Only the exhibition room has a small charge for entry. (Adults 200 yen. Junior high school age down is free). In the exhibition room, most of the exhibits such as Ainu musical and cooking instruments can be handled by visitors. Pirka Kotan, located near Jozankei Hot Springs, is a fun place to visit and enjoy.

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