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Yume Port

Yume Port (位於石狩市)是石狩的觀光諮詢中心。內也有販賣石狩產的加工食品以及蔬菜的商店。也有販賣石狩市的吉祥物「鮭太郎、鮭子」的周邊商品。石狩川從前就有鱘魚會洄游、館內有鱘魚的大型標本。夏季期間可以免費租借自行車。除了年末年初假期之外,全年無休。

Yume Port (Ishikari City) has a tourist information center located in the town of Ishikari Beach. There is a shop which sells Ishikari's local specialties (processed foods, beverages, and fresh vegetables.) They proudly show off their local characters, "Sake-taro" and "Sake-ko". Sake stands for salmon in and "taro" and "ko" are traditional suffixes to denote male and female. Sturgeon come to the Ishikari River to breed (its eggs are caviar), and a big, stuffed sturgeon is displayed in the center. In summer, people can use the center's bicycles for free. It is open every day except over New Year period.

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