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Flower Park

Flower Park (位於中富良野町)是鄰近町營薰衣草園的觀光景點。雖然春天到夏天有各式各樣的花卉在這裡盛開,但是最有名的果然還是薰衣草。園內有「北之咖哩工房」,以實惠的價格提供使用當地產的蔬菜所做成的咖哩飯。為了促進町內的活力,主要是聚集在農村內工作的女性來營運餐廳。

Flower Park (Nakafurano Town) is next to Lavender Field, and both are run by the town. Various different flowers are grown here and they bloom from spring to summer, but lavender in July is the highlight. This park has a restaurant called Kitano Curry Koubou which stands for Northern Curry Studio in English. They offer several curry with rice dishes as well as other food at reasonable prices. Vegetables produced in the town are mainly used as ingredients. The women working on farms in the town made a group to promote Nakafurano tourism and they run this curry house.

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