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Karinba自然公園 / Karinba Nature Park

Karinba自然公園(惠庭市) 位在Karinba遺跡的旁邊。過去這附近是濕地而Karinba川流過這裡。現在因為都市化的關係將河川給填平了,但是這個公園內有湧泉並且保留的部分的濕地。作為水芭蕉的群生地也很有名,一到了春天很多人特地來這裡參觀。Karinba在阿伊努語中意謂著櫻花木的皮。

Karinba Nature Park (Eniwa City) is next to Karinba Ruins. This area used to be a marsh with the Karinba River running through it. However, this river doesn’t exist any more as a result of a development project. In this park, there still remains water springs and they make good natural setting. Also, this park is known as a place where skunk cabbage grows in clusters in spring. Many people enjoy walking on the wooden footpath there. Karinba means the skin of cherry tree in Ainu language. A lot of dandelions also bloom at Karinba Ruins in spring.

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