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札幌白色燈樹節 2017 / Sapporo White Illumination 2017

札幌白色燈樹節 2017
1丁目的主題是「Love」。中央的廣場上有紅色閃耀的大型心型圖案的造景佈置,成為很受歡迎的照相地點。此外,聖誕樹造型的佈置也被裝上電子的裝飾。2丁目的主題是「慕尼黑·聖誕節市集 in Sapporo 」販賣暖呼呼的飲品和輕食的商店林立於此。也有大型的聖誕樹。




2017/2018年的札幌白色燈樹節: 札幌站南口廣場會場、北3条廣場(紅磚廣場)會場是從1124號~314

站前大道會場是從札幌車站延伸到薄野約1.5公里的會場。中央分隔島的路樹被裝飾著LED燈。在和JR札幌站相連在一起的購物商場札幌Stellar Place上方樓層可以遠眺到直線延伸的站前大道。南1条會場是從南1条西1丁目到3丁目,街道的銀杏樹被LED燈裝飾著。
2017/2018年的札幌白色燈樹節: 站前大道會場是從1124號~212號、南1条會場是從1124號~314

Sapporo White Illumination 2017
The theme of Odori 1-chome site is love. There is a large neon heart in the middle of the square which is a popular spot for visitors, especially couples, to take photos to keep as a memory. There is a tall, tree-shaped triangle structure which also has a big heart-shaped object attached. The theme at Odori 2-chome site is German Christmas Market in Sapporo (or Munich Christmas Market.) There are shops selling hot drinks and snacks, and there are stands to eat and drink at. In the center, there is a big Christmas tree illuminated with lights.
The Sapporo White Illumination: Odori Park 2017 runs from November 24th to December 25th.

The theme of Odori 3-chome is Snow Crystal. There are some big, blue, illuminated art pieces as a centerpiece. Following the theme, the shape of each of these is like a big snow crystal. There is a large snow crystal in the middle, with some smaller ones surrounding it. The theme of 4-chome is Jewelry Palace. An abundance of pink and golden LED lights make for a nice scene, like a shining palace. There is a big fountain at both the 3-chome and 4-chome sites, which allow visitors to feel cool in summer.
The Sapporo White Illumination: Odori Park 2017 runs from November 24th to December 25th.

The theme of 5-chome is Twinkle Garden. There are a number of tree-shaped objects and spheres created with gold LED lights. There is also a rest area which sells hot drinks and snacks. It isn’t visually splendidly overwhelming, but visitors can feel warm and enjoy a calm atmosphere. The theme of 6-chome is Forest Circle. There is quite a large sphere in the center with smaller spheres surrounding it. This display is lit with green LED lights. Visitors can feel they are somewhere unusual, as if they are in the forest of a different planet.
The Sapporo White Illumination: Odori Park 2017 runs from November 24th to December 25th.

The theme of 7-chome and 8-chome is Exhibition Tunnel of Light. You can enjoy walking through three different colored tunnels illuminated in red, white, and blue. In 2015, the Night View Tourism Convention Bureau chose Sapporo as one of their three cities for the New Three Wonderful Night Views. These cities are highly regarded for their wonderful night views. The other two cities are Nagasaki and Kobe. These three tunnels represent the three cities. At the 8-chome site, there is a big screen showing a movie of what the New Three Wonderful Night Views are like.
The Sapporo White Illumination: Odori Park 2017 runs from November 24th to December 25th.

Sapporo Station South Exit Square is the site of a 10-meter tall artistic creation. A number of real trees illuminated by many LED lights surround it. Also, a big screen, which stands as tall as an average man, is set up on the pavement, with many people enjoying the opportunity of having their photo taken in front of it. At Kita 3-jo Square, known as Akarenga (red brick) Square, the trees on either side are illuminated by countless colored LED lights. From Ekimae-dori Street, visitors can see the Former Hokkaido Government Building permanently lit at night. It’s like past and present juxtaposed against each other.
The Sapporo White Illumination: Sapporo Station South Exit Square and Kita 3-jo Square 2017/2018 runs from November 24th to March 14th.

The Ekimae-dori site stretches over 1.5 kilometers, from JR Sapporo Station to Susukino. Ekimae-dori stands for ‘road in front of the station,’ and it usually refers to a town’s main street. Trees along the median barrier are illuminated with LED lights for the duration of White Illumination. From Stellar Place, a large shopping center attached to JR Sapporo Station, people can see the street in all its length, with the view from upper floors being especially good. The Minami 1-jo site is from Nishi 1-chome to Nishi 3-chome, West 1st to 3rd block. All the Gingko trees, which are well-known for their beautiful yellow leaves in autumn, are illuminated by LED lights.

The Sapporo White Illumination 2017/2018: Ekimae-dori site runs from November 24th to February 12 and the Minami 1-jo site runs from November 24th to March 14th.

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