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札幌站北口地下步道 札幌市的姐妹都市的照片和解說板 / Sapporo Sister Cities Street


Sapporo Sister Cities Street (Sapporo City Kita-ku) is in the Sapporo Station North Exit Underpass. It’s an exhibition space for Sapporo’s sister cities, showcasing many photos and information panels. As of 2017, Sapporo has five sister cities; Portland in the U.S.A., Munich in Germany, Shenyang in China, Novosibirsk in Russia and Daejeon in South Korea. Sightseeing and cultural information for each city can be found there, as well as a history of how the relationships were formed. North Exit Underpass is directly connected with Paseo, one of the underground shopping towns of Sapporo Station.

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