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2018 札幌雪祭2丁目的大冰雕 / 2018 Sapporo Snow Festival Large ice sculpture at 2-chome site

2018 札幌雪祭2丁目的大冰雕
2018 Sapporo Snow Festival Large ice sculpture at 2-chome site

Happy Birthday! Hokkaido.

Happy Birthday! Hokkaido.
The Sapporo Snow Festival 2018: Odori and Susukino sites run from February 5 to February 12 and the Tsudome site runs from February 1 to February 12.

This year is the 150th anniversary of our island being named Hokkaido. Prior to that it was known as Ezo. At the 2-chome site, a large birthday cake made of ice has been constructed in celebration of this anniversary. There are many kinds of wild animals in Hokkaido, and symbolic creatures surround the big cake, sculpted in ice. They are a Japanese Pika (Northern Pika), Hokkaido Squirrel, Higuma (brown bear), salmon, Ezo red fox, Hokkaido Shika Deer, and the Long-tailed Tit, which is cute white bird. A white birch and Japanese rose (Rugosa rose) are present in ice form too, as the representative plants in Hokkaido.

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