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濤沸湖 / Lake Tofutsu


Lake Tofutsu (spread over Abashiri City and Koshimizu Town) is in Abashiri Quasi-national Park, and is about 9 square kms in size. It is a brackish-water lake, protected by the Ramsar Convention (the Convention on Wetlands) since 2005. The lake is a mecca for birdwatchers, as a lot of wild birds flock to the area. On average, 60,000 geese and wild ducks come each year. Also whooper swans rest there during their migration. Moreover, red crowned cranes make their nests and raise their babies at the site. Koshimizu Gensei Kaen is next to this lake. Gensei Kaen stands for wildflowers Park or Primevial Flower Garden in English.

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