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Star Plaza蘆別 / Star Plaza Ashibetsu

Star Plaza蘆別(位於蘆別市)是在國道38號沿線上的道路休息站。建築物的各處都以星星來設計裝飾。從上空看的話停車場的公共廁所也設計成星形圖案。1988年時由日本環境省的「星空的街道大賽」中被認定為可以很清楚看到星空的城鎮。從餐廳可以遠眺到空知川。蘆別因曾經的煤礦產地而興盛。

Star Plaza Ashibetsu (Ashibetsu City) is a road station on route 38. As this station focuses on the constellations above us, star-shaped decorations and ornaments are seen in the building. Even the design of the public toilets building located in the car parking is star-shaped too when seen from the air. In 1988, the city of Ashibetsu was designated by the Ministry of Environment ,as the result of the ‘Star Towns’ contest, as one of the places where beautiful stars can be observed. From the restaurant on the second floor, diners can enjoy the view of the Sorachi River. Ashibetsu used to be a hub of the coal mining industry.

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