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太陽花園 / Sun Garden

太陽花園(位於苫小牧市)是位在出光文化公園內的室內設施,裡面有圖書館和植物園。因為一年當中都有做溫度管理所以天氣不好的時候也可以在裡面度過。在2樓的溫室也有培育台灣香蕉。有約80種, 1400株的植物和靠近水邊十分舒服的空間。屋頂是玻璃做的所以可以看到天空。在這裡坐著吃便當的人也很多。

Sun Garden (Tomakomai City) is a building in Idemitsu Culture Park housing the city library and an indoor botanical garden. As the temperature is controlled through the year, it allows visitors to enjoy their spare time in comfort. In the hothouse on the second floor, bananas from Taiwan are grown. There are 80 kinds, with approximately 1,400 plants in total. Visitors can spend a relaxing time hearing the artificial water stream, and the sun light from the glass ceiling is comfortable also, when it’s sunny. There are some seats with tables, and people enjoy having lunch boxes or snacks in a picnic setting.

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