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蝦夷鹿 / Hokkaido Sika Deer, or Yezo Shka


Hokkaido Sika Deer, or Yezo Shka in Japanese, are found only in Hokkaido, and are a subspecies of Sika Deer, or Nihon Jika in Japanese, which live in Honshu. Originally, Yezo Sika lived in the northern and eastern parts of Hokkaido but they spread into the western area in the 1990s. Now, they live throughout Hokkaido. Actually, their number has increased and they have started to reach pest status. They eat farm crops and the bark of trees. In the eastern Hokkaido, they commonly appear in residential areas and wreak havoc on gardens. They have no fear of venturing onto roads or train tracks, and have been known to cause traffic accidents.

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