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櫻井家住宅舊址與屯田兵屋 / The Old Sakurai Residence and Tondenhei Residence and Facilities


The Old Sakurai Residence and Tondenhei Residence and Facilities (Bibai City) are along Route 12, which is the main road into Bibai. Tondenhei refers to the soldiers responsible for developing and guarding Hokkaido who were sent to Hokkaido from Honshu Island in the late 19th century. Bibai was the only place where Tondenhei's artillery and cavalry units were placed. One of their typical residences, a barn and an explosives warehouse are preserved in the same place as the Old Sakurai Residence. Ryozou Sakurai and his son used to be mayor in the early 20th century. Sakurai's house is used as a public hall.

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