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北海道的飲食文化(拉麵)/ Food Culture in Hokkaido - Ramen Noodles


In Japan, you can find various types of ramen noodles in different places, and each local ramen has its own special feature. Sapporo Ramen is recognized as one of most famous ramen noodles in Japan because the miso flavor was born in Sapporo more than 50 years ago. Sapporo Ramen typically has a thick and rich taste with a miso flavor. People combine a locations name and ingredient when naming different ramen tastes. The most famous in Hokkaido are Sapporo Miso Ramen, Hakodate Shio (salt in English) Ramen - light tasting and thin noodles, and Asahikawa Shouyu (soy sauce in English) Ramen - common point of these different ramens is their use of soup stock from dried fish.

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