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Lilac Gallery

Lilac Gallery(位於札幌市中央區)是北海道銀行的文化財團所營運的出借型藝廊。地點位於比鄰於都會的綠洲-大通公園。藝廊是以在都市叢林中通行人的綠洲,給予每天日常生活豐富的滋潤等概念而成立的。地點在北海道銀行本店大樓1樓。直結地下鐵大通站4號·9號出口。

Lilac Gallery (Sapporo City Chuo-ku) is a gallery managed by the cultural foundation of Hokkaido Bank. Its location faces Odori Park, which is an green area in an urban jungle. This gallery was established with the concept of being a place resembling an oasis for busy people in Odori, which is a busy commercial area. It also aims to provide a place to enhance peaceful minds for the people of Sapporo. The location is on the first floor of Hokkaido Bank's headquarters building; directly connected to Exit 4 and Exit 9 of the Odori Subway Station. Admission is free.

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