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札幌村鄉土紀念館 / Sapporo Village Memorial Museum

札幌村鄉土紀念館(位於札幌市東區)是可以免費學習札幌的歷史的設施。 1886年時,札幌從大自然的荒野開拓而成。地點就位於現今紀念館附近的場所。開拓者之一的大友龜太郎,也建造了現在的創成川。在紀念館裡有許多關於他的資料。,此外,這裡也是日本最初栽培洋蔥的地方。

Sapporo Village Memorial Museum (Sapporo City, Higashi-ku) is a facility for studying the history of Sapporo. Admission is free. The location of this museum is the actual place where Sapporo first began. In 1866, this spot in the wilderness was cultivated and became Sapporo Village. Mr. Kametaro Otomo was one of the people who contributed to building the village, mainly through making roads, bridges and an irrigation canal. The canal is now called Sosei River, and runs through central Sapporo. Interestingly, this place was where onion growing originated in Japan. Onions were first grown successfully here in 1880.

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