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舊萱野車站 / The former Kayano Station

舊萱野車站(位於三笠市)是兼騎士之家的小型鐵路公園。萱野車站在1987年因所在地的幌內線鐵路廢線而停止營運。當時因為搬運麻製品車站呈現熱鬧的氣氛。此外,所謂的騎士之家(和製英文 rider house)是指許多以摩托車或單車來移動的旅行者所投宿的便宜的簡易住宿設施。比起一般青年旅社地點位於鄉下居多。

The former Kayano Station (Mikasa City) is now used as a small accommodation facility which is known as a rider-house. The old station, which houses an old train carriage, makes a small railway-themed park. (Rider-house is a Japanese-English word, and is cheap accommodation for those traveling by motor bike or cycle. Most of them aren't usually located in main urban areas.) Kayano Station was on the Horonai Line and it fulfilled an important role for the hemp fabric industry. However, the line and the Kayano Station were abandoned in 1987.

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