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滝之上公園 / Takino-ue Park

滝之上公園 (位於夕張市)是位在阿伊努族稱作Ponsoukamuikotan(神明所居住的有小瀑布的地點)的地方。這裡有二個象徵此地的吊橋,可以眺望美麗的溪谷。特別是在賞楓的秋季許多遊客會拜訪此地。於1925年所建造的紅磚建築的發電廠也保留了下來。 可以回憶夕張昔日的煤礦產業的風光歷史。

Takino-ue Park (Yubari City) is located in a valley which the Ainu - the indigenous race of Hokkaido - call Ponsou Kamui Kotan, which means a valley with waterfalls for deities to live. Takino-ue stands for "over the waterfall." There are two symbolic suspension bridges which allow visitors to see the great view. This park is especially popular in autumn to see the colored leaves. There is an old, red, brick building. This is an electric power plant constructed in 1925 which is still in service. It reminds us of the glorious history of Yubari when it flourished via its coal mine industry.

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