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第68屆札幌雪祭 / The 68th Sapporo Snow Festival


The 68th Sapporo Snow Festival will be held from February 6th to 12th at Odori Park and Susukino, and from February 1st to 12th at Tsu-Dome. One of the highlights of the Susukino Site is the ice sculpture "Sakana Goori". Sakana Goori, which literally means Fish Ice, uses frozen fish or crabs in transparent ice blocks. It is popular as a sculpture representing an aquarium. However, the Committee announced they won’t make this popular exhibition for at least the 68th festival. This is due to public outcry over an ice-skating rink in KitaKyushu which used fish. The committee has decided that some people may still be too nervous about this for the Sakana Goori to go ahead this time.

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