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Forest276大滝 / Forest 276 Ohtaki

Forest276大滝(位於伊達市)是位在國道276號沿線上的道路休息站。是位在支笏湖和洞爺湖相連區間的中間地點。在洗手間出入口的附近有鋼琴,鋼琴會自動演奏因此時常聽得到音樂。在休息站的腹地內有稱作「Horohoro 之恩惠」的湧泉地,可以免費飲用泉水。休息站內的商店、土產店也商品種類眾多。餐廳的著名菜色是披薩。

Forest 276 Ohtaki (Date City) is a road station on Route 276, halfway between Lake Shikotsu and Lake Toya. There is a grand piano which plays on its own in front of the rest room, and it is always in action. There is a spring of pure water called Horohoro-no Megumi, which literally means the blessing of Mt. Horohoro. It is free to drink and take in bottles. The shop selling snacks, drinks and souvenirs is big. Pizza is popular at the restaurant. This road station is built with wood, like a huge log-house.

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