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DATE歷史之杜 / Date Rekishi-no Mori

DATE歷史之杜(位於伊達市)是在國道37號沿線上的道路休息站。1869年,東北的仙台武家出身的伊達邦成(DATE KUNISIGE)受到當時日本政府命令開拓此地,被派遣到此。現今此地區以武家為主題來建立小鎮。道路休息站隔壁是以日式城堡作為形象的廣闊公園。園內的開拓紀念館參觀雖然需要費用,但展示著伊達邦成與其部眾的鎧甲和刀具等物品。

Date Rekishi-no Mori (Date City) is a road station on Route 37. In 1869, the government brought Kunishige Date from Sendai in the Tohoku Region under a command to cultivate the land and make a town. Kunishige Date and his family were from the hereditary samurai class. Because of his endeavors, this place was named Date 30 years after his arrival. Now, Date city promotes itself under a theme of warrior culture. There is a big park next to the road station. The historic museum in the park is a paid spot but personal belongings of Kunishige Date such as armor and swords are exhibited.

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