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Hopi之丘 / Hopi-no Oka

Hopi之丘(位於赤井川村)是製造火腿和香腸的Tonden Farm所經營的觀光牧場。牧場雖然不是很大,但是有飼養馬、山羊、羊駝、兔子等動物,可以自由參觀。餵食動物或是體驗騎馬需要另外付費。牧場內除了有餐廳,也有販賣飲食的商店。Hopi是印第安語的和平的意思。

Hopi-no Oka (Akaigawa Village) is a guest ranch managed by Tonden Farm, which is a ham and sausage maker in Hokkaido. This is not such a big ranch, but is good for taking a breather while on a day trip around the Sapporo district. There are tame animals such as horses, goats and rabbits. Visitors can watch them free of charge, and it is also possible to buy food and feed them. Also, as a paid activity, horse riding is enjoyable. There is also a restaurant, and a shop selling light food like sausages or ice cream. Hopi means ‘peace’ in the language of Native Americans.

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