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胆振地區的地震 / An earthquake in Iburi District


Hokkaido was shaken by a large earthquake at 3:08 a.m. on September 6th. The epicenter was at a depth of 45kms below the Iburi District. Abira Town and Atsuma Town, being near the epicenter, bore the brunt of the earthquake. Following landslides from waterlogged mountainsides, houses were destroyed and in the vicinity of 40 people lost their lives. Parts of residential Sapporo experienced liquefaction, and some houses were knocked off their piles. After the earthquake, almost the entire island of Hokkaido was without power. The inconvenience of daily life, with closed shops and supermarkets and transportation out of service was felt on 6th and 7th. However, inconveniences and disruptions have been remedied somewhat since September 9th.

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