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丘珠機場 / Okadama Airport


Okadama Airport (Sapporo City, Higashi-ku) opened in 1942, and private airline companies have used it as a hub for their regular flights since 1961. Now, the airport connects to six destinations - Rishiri Island, Hakodate and Kushiro in Hokkaido, and Aomori, Shizuoka, and Nagano in Honshu. Also, Okadama Airport is the base for sightseeing flights of small airplanes or helicopters to view the central part of Sapporo. At 1500 meters, the runaway is not long enough to accommodate the landing or take off of jet airplanes. Thus, an extension of the length has been discussed but it’s as yet undecided because there are many houses around and the area has adverse weather conditions in winter, usually involving heavy snow.


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