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Kabuto Line

從泊村、岩內町延伸到積丹町的神威岬的國道229號被稱作KABUTO Line。在懸崖和山脈與海岸線相連的地方建造道路,可以在海上享受兜風的樂趣。特別是在泊村的KABUTO岬一帶都是斷崖峭壁。其優美的風景被指定爲後志十景(後志為北海道的行政區之一)。是可看的北海道大自然之一。

The section of route 229 between Tomari Village, Iwanai Town and Cape Kamui in Shakotan Town is called the Kabuto Line. This section of the road runs along the bottom of the cliffs and steep hills facing the Sea of Japan. As such its construction was quite a feat. The Kabuto Line allows people to enjoy traveling by car through the beautiful landscapes of the coastline and the sea. Around Kabuto Rock in particular are steep cliffs. The Kabuto Line is designated as one of the top 10 scenic areas of Shiribeshi District. Visitors can assuredly admire one of the natural and unique vistas of Hokkaido.

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