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Narawara(位於別海町)是與附近的Todowara並列擁有獨特風景的觀光景點。 是由受到海水侵蝕而保持站立狀態枯萎的白色樹木所構成的森林。相對於有很多冷杉的TodowaraNarawara可以看到許多水楢木等樹種,可以只從道路上就看得到。野付半島是沙提,有約25公里長的直線道路一直往狹小的陸地延伸。5月~10月是觀光季節。

Narawara (Betsukai Town) is ruin of a forest split between Notsuke Peninsula, as well as the Todowara area. Notsuke Peninsula is actually a big sand spit, where sea water seeped into the forest when ground subsidence occurred. As a result, the trees withered, died, and became white in color. Narawara is a colony of dead Mizunara, a member of the Nara (oak), while Todowara is of dead Todomatsu, a member of the pine family. Observation of Narawara is only permitted from the road. There is a 25kilometer road on the narrow peninsula. The traditional sightseeing season is from May to October.

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