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2020 札幌雪祭5丁目大雪像/ 2020 Sapporo Snow Festival Large snow sculpture at Odori 5-chome site

大通5丁目大雪像的主題是賽馬的純種馬。 日本的賽馬有98%是從北海道誕生的。 在此至今已經誕生出數匹名馬。 法國的凱旋門賞是從1920年所創設的規格最高的比賽。 北海道勢必要成功的願望是成為能稱霸世界最高峰比賽的馬產地之一。在大雪像的中央是純種馬,背景製作出法國的凱旋門。

The theme of the large snow sculpture at 5-chome site in Odori Park is thoroughbred horse racing. 98 percent of Japanese race horses are born in Hokkaido, with some having made considerable fortune and fame. There are many famous, classic and ceremonial races throughout the world. The Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe held in France is one of them, and started 1920. Those who are involved in the horse racing industry in Hokkaido have long been striving to win it. At this site, a big horse sculpture is set to a background of the Arc de Triomphe.

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