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2020 札幌雪祭7丁目大雪像/ 2020 Sapporo Snow Festival Large snow sculpture at Odori 7-chome site

大通7丁目大雪像的主題是在2019年時迎向和日本建交100周年的波蘭共和國。製作了在首都華沙的瓦金基公園內建造的宮殿和作曲家蕭邦的雪像。瓦金基公園很優美, 是從1776年開始花了30年的歲月所建造的。今年也是5年一度蕭邦國際鋼琴比賽的舉行年。

The theme of the large snow sculpture at 7-chome site in Odori Park is Polish People’s Republic. 2019 saw the centenary of Japan and Poland beginning diplomatic relations. The capital of Poland is Warsaw, and Royal Baths Park is a highlight of a visit to the city. The Palace on the Isle and the statue of Frédéric Chopin in the park are build with snow at this site. Royal Baths Park, which took 30 years to create starting in 1776, is a beautiful undertaking. Every five years, the International Chopin Piano Competition is held, with it falling on the year 2020.

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