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築港臨海公園 / Chikko Rinkai Park (Chikko Seaside Park)

築港臨海公園(位於小樽市)位於大型商場WING BAY小樽的對面。從JR小樽築港車站有天橋步道連結此地。雖然在冬天時公園就只有被積雪所覆蓋著,但對於想摸摸看白雪的觀光客而言築港臨海公園或許是個有趣的地方(當地居民在冬天時幾乎不會使用公園)。公園內也設有長椅,春天到秋天的這段時間公園便是沿著海岸的免費休息處。

Chikko Rinkai Park (Otaru City) is located in front of Wing Bay Otaru, which is a large shopping mall and outlet center. Its English name is Chikko Seaside Park, and it is connected to JR Otaru Chikko Station by a pedestrian footbridge. In winter, the park is completely covered in snow. It might be an interesting spot for tourists from countries with hot weather. They can have fun in the snow before or after looking around Wing Bay Otaru. There are seats in the park, and from spring to autumn, it is surely a good place to take a rest by the seaside.

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