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SOUVENIR OTARUKAN小木桶 / Souvenir Otaru Kan

SOUVENIR OTARUKAN小木桶(位於小樽市)是位於堺町通的大型土產店。這家店的主題是萬花筒,因此在店內的藝廊展示約1000件萬花筒,也販賣萬花筒。(商品以外的萬花筒是只作為展示用,不能拍照攝影也不可觸碰。)可免費入場參觀,也可付費製作自己原創的萬花筒。

Souvenir Otaru Kan (Otaru City) is a big souvenir shop located on Sakaimachi Street. They mainly sell kaleidoscopes; and there is also a gallery, which is free to enter. Some old and precious kaleidoscopes are for exhibition only, but there are more than 1,000 kaleidoscope products on sale. Touching the old kaleidoscopes is prohibited, and taking photos is prohibited throughout the shop. A unique experience at this shop is making one's own kaleidoscope with your favorite parts. There is a big stuffed Higuma bear in front of the entrance. There are, of course, typical souvenirs such as chocolates or cookies for purchase also.

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