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Kamaei(日文店名為かま栄) / Kamaei

Kamaei (Otaru City) is a very old kamaboko maker, established in 1905. Kamaboko is boiled fish paste. They sell a variety of kamaboko products at their 12 branches throughout Hokkaido, and their factory is located between Otaru Canal and the very popular tourist site - Sakaimachi Street. You can observe the production process of the kamaboko through the show window for free. As the main production time at the factory is in the morning, it is wise to visit before 12.00 p.m. This factory is connected to a shop which also has seating for diners. No reservations are needed for the restaurant. Their most popular product is Pan Roll, which is rolled kamaboko with a slice of bread. Pan means bread in English.


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