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孩童之國 / Kodomo-no Kuni

孩童之國(位於砂川市)是比鄰於道央高速公路的Highway Oasis ,擁有豐富自然的公園。如同其名是可以讓小孩子玩得很開心的公園,裡面有遊憩步道和大型溜滑梯等遊樂設施。Highway Oasis(高速公路休息站)為餐廳、紀念品商店集中在此的大型設施, 沒有使用高速公路的人也可以利用。雖然需要另外付費,這裡也有再現世界著名建築物的區域。

Kodomo-no Kuni (Sunagawa City) is a big park with walking paths through a forest and playground equipment such as a big, wide slide made of slippery stone. This park is connected to Highway Oasis, a road station on the Hokkaido Expressway. Highway Oasis has a number of restaurants and shops, and both Kodomo-no Kuni and Highway Oasis are available for both highway users and regular guests, as the parking areas are separated. Kodomo-no Kuni stands for Kids Kingdom in English. There is also a paid area which displays large models of famous buildings from around the world, which allows visitors to feel like a traveler on a round‐the‐world trip.

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