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追分Soran Line / Oiwake Soran Line

追分Soran Line是以有長長的隧道而著名。追分Soran Line是沿著日本海的海岸線行駛的國道的愛稱。特別是在岩內町有2754公尺的刀掛隧道,3570公尺的雷電隧道。除此之外,還有各式各樣長短不一的隧道相連著。雷電隧道的前面有展望停車場。可以嘹望到遠大的海平面和山崖兩種景色。

Oiwake Soran Line, the name of a series of combined national roads along the coast of the Sea of Japan, is famous for its many tunnels. Some of them are very long, at more than two kilometers. The Oiwake Soran Line in Iwanai town especially has two very long, successive tunnels. One is the 2754 meter Katanagake Tunnel and the other the 3570 meter Raiden Tunnel. At the mouth of the Raiden Tunnel, there is a parking and observation area for admiring the dynamic landscape. People can see both the ocean and cliffs. Oiwake stands for a folk song of Hokkaido and it was sung by of herring fishermen.

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