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石狩Salmon Factory / Ishikari Salmon Factory

石狩Salmon Factory (位於石狩市)位在連接札幌和道北的國道231號沿線上,開車從札幌市中心前往約30分鐘車程。是水產加工食品的製造·販賣的老店-佐藤水產的工廠和直販商店,特別是和鮭魚相關的製品很有名。石狩市的特產品之一為鮭魚。這裡也展示著昔日鮭魚的漁業照片。後方有石狩川,從瞭望台看出去的景色很美。

Ishikari Salmon Factory (Ishikari City) is on route 230 which connects Sapporo and Rumoi City in the northern Hokkaido. It takes about 30 minutes by car from the center of Sapporo. This is managed by Sato Suisan.; Sato is the founder' family name, Suisan means marine products in English. At this factory, there is a big shop selling their products. As Ishikari is famous for salmon, salmon-related products are popular here. There is a tower which houses an observation deck, and people can see Ishikari River running behind this factory. Some old photos of catching salmon are exhibited in the tower.

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