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Hotto Haboro

Hotto Haboro(位於羽幌町)是在沿著日本海行駛的國道232號沿線的道路休息站。船型的大型建築物內也有溫泉&住宿設施(也可以一日溫泉)。從7樓的展望休息室可以眺望天売島和燒尻島。休息站內的餐廳可以享用到特產的甜蝦。在附近有玫瑰花園和如同博物館般的學習設施-海鳥中心。

Hotto Haboro (Haboro Town) is a road station on route 232, which runs along the shores of the Sea of Japan. The design of the building is modeled on a big ship, and it houses an onsen and a hotel. Whole day bathing is available. From the lounge on the 7th floor, visitors can see Teuri Island and Yagishiri Island. At the restaurant, dishes featuring the local specialty, deep water shrimp (amaebi in Japanese), are proudly served. A rose garden and the Hokkaido Seabird Center are nearby. ‘Hotto’ implies ‘hot spa’ through Japanese onomatopoeia, expressing a calm mind.

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