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We compile information on “0 yen tourist spots” and “must-see paid spots with extra benefits” and then keep them in our blog as archives for your convenience. We also introduce the food of Hokkaido and interesting souvenirs to take home.



栗夢廣場 / Kurimu Plaza


Kurimu Plaza (Kuriyama Town) is an information center referred to as a Machi-no Eki (Eki is station and Machi-no stands for ‘of town’.) Hokkaido has eight Machi-no-Eki. At Kurimu Plaza, sightseeing spots and local specialties are introduced. As a Machi-no Eki fills a role of a place for tourists to be able to take a rest, some chairs and tables are provided. On the wall, a large, detailed tourist map of the town is displayed. At a shop on site, local specialities such as Kuri Manjyu (sweet Japanese chestnut cake) are sold.

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