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Onko-no Shou

Onko-no Shou(位於燒尻島)是因為受到了橫風的影響樹木不朝向天空成長,而是橫向成長的東北紅豆杉樹木密集生長的地方。因為樹枝和樹枝的下方留有空間,宛如小小的房子,因此這裡才被稱作Onko-no Shou。日語的「Shou (漢字寫成莊)」有「暫定的住所」之意。而「Onko」是北海道的方言,本州則將東北紅豆杉稱為「Ichii」。

Onko-no Shou (Yagishiri Island) is a place where Japanese yew trees grow in abundance. The Yew trees on the island grow in a flattened direction, testament to the strong winds which continually assail them. The branches make a space in the fashion of a dome, which is why it’s called Onko-no Shou. Onko means Japanese yew tree and Shou stands for a temporary house. Onko is from a Hokkaido dialect (known as Ichii by those in Honshu). Even when the weather is sunny, it remains a little dark inside. Most of the spaces are small and cramped, but there is one large tree which can accommodate about 10 people.

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