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Tokachi鹿追地質公園 / Tokachi Shikaoi Geopark


Tokachi Shikaoi Geopark (Shikaoi Town) is one of five Geopark sites in Hokkaido. The fields of this Geopark consist of a volcano, a cold climate and flora and fauna. The center of the area's tourism is Lake Shikaribetsu. This lake was formed by a volcanic eruption in pre-civilisation times. The eruption saw a big river naturally dammed, and the lake was formed. The coldest temperature on a winter day may fall to as low as minus 30 degrees. There are also a lot of plants and animals, including some unique to Hokkaido, such as Naki Usagi (pika, or whistling hare in English). The park's information facility is in Shikaoi Road Station.

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