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町村農場Milk Garden / Machimura Farm Milk Garden

町村農場Milk Garden (位於江別市)是建造於牧場腹地內的直營販賣所。販賣工廠所生產的新鮮牛乳和乳製品。有奶油、起司、優格和冰淇淋等商品陳列在店裡。店舖的2樓有桌子和椅子,可以在這邊飲食。町村農場於1906年創業,擁有165公頃的腹地,飼養著約400頭乳牛。

Machimura Farm Milk Garden (Ebetsu City) is a shop next their factory on their farm premises. They serve delicious fresh milk, and also other dairy items. Soft ice cream, donuts, cakes, pudding, and parfaits are popular. After purchasing, customers can enjoy their food on the 2nd floor at tables and chairs. They also have gift sets of butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and such. Machimura Farm was founded in 1906, and is one of the most successful dairy farms in Hokkaido. They have about 400 head of dairy cattle grazing on 165 hectares. See their website for details, including their seasonal menus.

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