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優駿紀念館 / Yushun Kinenkan

優駿紀念館(位於新冠町)是賽馬公司-株式會社優駿所營運的免費博物館。這裡展示著日本賽馬界傳說的存在-Ogiri Cap的相關物品。Ogiri Cap是活躍於1987年~1990年的賽馬,至今仍有許多粉絲。這裡也設立了等比例大的青銅雕像。是可以了解到日本賽馬文化的設施。也有土產店和咖啡廳。

Yushun Kinenkan (Niikappu Town) is an free horse museum managed by Yushun Company, a horse trading company. This museum mainly features a variety of paraphernalia related to the legendary racehorse, Oguri Cap. Oguri Cap was active from 1987 to 1990, but is still an icon of horse-racing, with career earnings of 912,512,000 yen, after being bought for a steal. Not only enthusiastic punters, but also ordinary people started to visit racetracks for the excitement of seeing him. A bronze statue of Oguri Cap graces the museum. Visitors can also find out about horse-racing culture in Japan. Visitors can enjoy the café and shop too.

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