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札幌市鐘塔 / Sapporo Clock Tower

札幌市鐘樓是做為北海道大學的前身-札幌農校的練武場,於1878年所建成的。是作為農校學生鍛鍊身心的體育課等時候所使用的場地。這是作為首任教育主任而從美國招聘而來的克拉克博士所構想的。鐘樓的時鐘於每隔一小時會響。 在鐘樓背面設有免費的紀念攝影站台。如果要進入鐘樓內參觀是需要費用的。

Sapporo Agricultural School was the original name of Hokkaido University. Sapporo Clock Tower was built in 1878 as Sapporo Agricultural School's gymnastic training hall, and physical education including military training and other ceremony events were conducted there. Dr. Clark, who was invited from America to become the school’s first vice principal, planned the construction of the tower. The bell of Sapporo Clock Tower rings on the hour, every hour. There is a stand to take photos in front of the tower and tourist can pose for a shot there. The photo-deck is free, but there is a small fee to enter the Clock Tower.

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