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創成川公園 / Sousei River Park

創成川乃是人造運河,是於1866年札幌開拓時作為水路所建造的。以創成川為界線將札榥分為東西兩側。創成川公園是於2011年所建造的,從札幌市的南四條持續延伸到北一條,全長為820公尺。公園內設有遊憩步道,而出生於北海道世界聞名的雕刻家-安田侃(Yasuda Kan)的作品也可在這觀賞到。
Sousei River is an artificial river. When land around Sapporo was reclaimed in 1866, it was used as an irrigation canal. Now, Sapporo is divided into east and west by this river. Sousei River Park was completed in 2011. It covers Minami 4jo to Kita 1jo, and is 820 meters from end to end. There is a parade to walk along, landscaped with sculptures made by Kan Yasuda - sculpture maestro, born in Hokkaido.


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