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札幌電視塔 / Sapporo TV Tower



You can get a good view of Odori Park and buildings in the center of Sapporo from the observation deck which is 90 meters high. The vista of Odori Park shows seasonal changes beautifully, and it is a romantic scene in any season. This view is almost always used in travel guidebooks on Hokkaido. In winter, you can see White Illumination and Sapporo Snow Festival here, and they are among the most famous of Hokkaido's tourist experiences.

The elevator to the observation deck and shops is on the third floor, and also there are free seats to have a rest for anyone on the third floor. However, if you have a ticket, you can also take advantage of much better seats at the western side of the tower which provide a beautiful view of Odori Park. There is a also vending machine for drinks. 

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