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狸小路 / Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade


Tanukikoji is one of the oldest shopping streets in Hokkaido. It was established when some shops and restaurants were opened on the site of the present Tanukikoji 2-chome and 3-chome in 1869 (‘chome’ means street block). In 1960, a long, covered arcade was built between Tanukikoji 1-chome and 7-chome, which is approximately 900 meters from end to end. There are a wide range of shops and restaurants now, and interestingly there is a small shrine (Tanuki Jinja) located on Tanukikoji 5-chome. (Tanuki is the name of the Japanese raccoon dog, and Jinja means shrine.) It is said that people will have good luck if they gently touch the stone statue of Tanuki.

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