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Granvista 藝廊 / Granvista Gallery

Granvista 藝廊(位於札幌市中央區)是位在北海道首家正統的西式大飯店-於1934年開業的札幌格蘭大飯店的1樓。此藝廊於2013年時,做為飯店和客人的交流空間開幕,但任何人都可以免費入場參觀。這裡舉行著設計、藝術、生活文化相關物品的展示。札幌格蘭大飯店是北海道中的高級飯店之一。

Granvista Gallery (Sapporo City Chuo-ku) is located on the first floor of Sapporo Grand Hotel, which opened in 1934 as Hokkaido’s first western style, luxury hotel. In July 2013, this gallery opened with an aim to provide a place for good communication with guests. Not only guests, but the public can visit this gallery and the admission is free. They exhibit design works such as posters or postcards, art-related things, or stuff related to the culture of everyday life. This historic hotel is still one of most luxurious hotels in Hokkaido. There are some restaurants and shops as well as coffee shops.

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