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Sky Hall Gallery

Sky Hall Gallery (位於札幌市中央區)是大型文具專門店的大丸藤井Central所營運的租借藝廊,位於大樓的7樓。在藝廊(入場免費)經常舉辦著個人展或是團體展。此外,大樓的各個樓層也頻繁的舉辦著文具、藝術品、物品創作的工作室或是展示會。詳細請參照網站。

Sky Hall (Sapporo City Chuo-ku) is a rental gallery managed by Daimaru Fujii CENTRAL, which is one of the largest stationery specialty shops in Hokkaido. The gallery is located on the seventh floor of their building. At the gallery (which has free admission), solo exhibitions or group exhibitions of artists or students in Hokkaido are usually held. On each floor, workshops or showcase events to show commodities with a specific theme take place frequently; and all are related to stationery, art, handcrafts or prominent manufactured goods. Their website introduces information about each floor in a number of different languages. Here is the hyperlink.

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