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Fruit Park Niki

Fruit Park Niki (位於仁木町)是以水果為主題的公園,這裡可以參觀町的名櫻桃、蘋果、葡萄、草莓、李子等水果栽培的樣子。(仁木町的主要業為栽培果樹)此外,除了有栽培薰衣草、大波斯菊等花卉外,這裡也有巨大的溜滑梯等遊樂設施、餐廳、地方特商店、旅館。

Fruit Park Niki (Niki Town) is a theme park of fruit as the name suggests. Visitors can see specimens of fruit plants such cherries, apples, grapes, strawberries and prune plums. The main industry of the town is growing fruit. In the park, there are also interesting attractions - flower fields growing lavender or cosmos, a very long playground slide, a restaurant, a shop selling local dishes and products, and cottages for accommodation. A mat to protect ones behind on the long slide can be rented for a small fee. The long slide allows visitors to admire the panoramic view.

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