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雄冬露營場 / Ofuyu Camp Ground

雄冬露營場(位於增毛町)是在連接札幌市和留萌市的國道231號線上的小公園。這裡設有停車場,作為兜風途中的休息場所十分方便。可以作為指標的是被稱作Sunset Wave的大型輪狀的造景藝術,因此在行車途中也能馬上辨識出來。這附近也是觀賞夕陽的絕佳地點。此外,也有可以稍微玩一下水的設施。

Ofuyu Camp Ground (Mashike Town) is actually a small park on Route 231 which connects Sapporo City and Rumoi City. There is parking, and it's convenient for those who are driving to take a rest. There is a unique piece of art which is like a big ring, named "Sunset Wave". This place is easy to spot thanks to this artistic ring. Incidentally, the coastline of the Sea of Japan is a good place to see the sunset and Ofuyu Camp Ground is one of the better vantage points. Furthermore, there are facilities where you can play in the water.

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