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Obira鯡魚小屋 / Obira Nishin Banya


Obira Nishin Banya (Obira Town) is a road station on Route 232 which faces the Sea of Japan. Next to this road station is a historical building called Kyu Hanadake Banya (the Former Hanada Family House) which is designated as an important cultural property. It’s a very big building which was used in the beginning of the 20th century by more than 200 fishermen and its proprietor for the processing of herring. This type of building is called Nishin Banya, with nishin meaning herring. This road station houses an exhibition room of items used in the fishery trade, and everyday goods from those days. Obira prospered from the herring trade over 100 years ago. This road station has a lot of customers in summer.

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